Star Map youth & adult tees
Star Map youth & adult tees
Star Map youth & adult tees

Star Map youth & adult tees

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Join Star Map's Adventure Team!

100% of the proceeds of this fundraiser will help offset costs of Star Map’s Chiari Malformation decompression surgery as well as related costs to hospital stays, recovery, etc.

In April a little girl we affectionately call “Star Map” received a life altering diagnosis of Chiari Malformation Type 1 after struggling with debilitating neurological symptoms for months. 

This is a structural malformation of the brain where the brain stem, cerebellum, and cerebral tonsils are too large to fit in the normal cavity of the skull and descend outside of the forum magnum (large oval shaped opening at the base of the skull) into the spinal canal.  Think of it like the bottom of the brain acting as a cork, not only damaging the brain itself by physically pressing against the top of the spinal column but also to the spine by blocking cerebrospinal fluid circulation in the entire spinal column.  

Chiari Malformations can cause a myriad of debilitating symptoms like headaches, neck aches, back pain, body pain, nausea, vertigo, forgetfulness, discoordination to more severe symptoms like blindness, paralysis, seizures, and death.  

There is no cure for Chiari.  

The only treatment currently is decompression surgery, which helps to mitigate symptoms.  Decompression surgery consists of permanently removing sections of the skull, C1, and brain in order to help make room and alleviate the pressure on the brain and in the spinal column.  

Her decompression surgery will be June 14th. 

Star Map is no stranger to fighting for her life.  She was born 9 weeks early and spent 40 days in the NICU. She is loving, maternal, gentle, graceful, endearing, intuitive, emotional, spiritual, keen, full of life and the epitome of love in motion.  She is the definition of a warrior.  

Join Star Map’s Adventure team by purchasing a shirt to wear on our “go Purple For Star Map” days as we support our brave girl and her family during surgery and recovery! All proceeds from the T-Shirts will help offset costs of Star Map’s Chiari Malformation Decompression sure-very, costs related to hospital stays, travel to doctor’s appointments, recovery etc

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